SES Governance

The following pages contain SES Governance information and documents along with some of the recent history of the SES.

1. Bylaws and Executive Duties

1a. Bylaws for the Saskatoon Engineering Society as adopted on Sep 24, 2020

1b. List of Executive Duties

2.  2020-2021 Executive

  • President: Juniper Willard, P.Eng.
  • Vice-President: Sumith Kahanda, P.Eng. (Elected) 
  • Secretary:  Travis Zimmermann, P.Eng.
  • Treasurer: Zygmunt Kowal, P.Eng.  
  • Past-President:  Kai Li, P.Eng.
  • Director: Jeremy Nelson, P.Eng. (Appointed)
  • Director:  Rajesh Shah, P.Eng.
  • Director:  Rajeev Chadha, P.Eng.
  • Director:  Harprit Singh, P.Eng.
  • Director:  Akinniyi Akinpelu, P.Eng.
  • Director:  Arian Andkhoie, P.Eng.
  • Director:  Alan Tsui, P.Eng.
  • Director:  Vinay Parab, EIT (Appointed)
  • APEGS Rep: Lesley McGilp,  P.Eng. 
  • SESS Rep: Dyland Banman (Student)
  • University of Saskatchewan Rep: Emanuele Sacchi,  P.Eng.


Committee for 20/21 Fiscal Year:

  • Leadership & Learning Committee (Juniper Willard - Chair)
  • Career & Outreach Committee (Sumith Kahanda - Chair)
  • Member Support & Growth (Rajeev Chadha - Chair)
  • Social Committee (Rajesh Shah - Chair)


2020 AGM Meeting Minutes for your reference. 


3.  Past Executive Teams

4.  Past Reports from the SES

2020 President's Report to Members & APEGS

2017  President's Report to Members

2016 President's Report to Members

2015 President's Report to Members

2014 President's Report to Members

2013  President's Report to Membership

2012 President's Report to Membership

2011  Minutes from AGM



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