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Following list provides upcoming events organized and promoted by the Saskatoon Engineering Society (SES) for its members. For a wider view of different technical events happening in the City, visit SaskatoonTechnicalEvents.com for more information.


- SES Logo Contest

Design a new logo for the SES and you could win $300.  Email your submission to president@saskatoonengineers.com by September 20, 2020. Submission File Type: JPEG or PNG and Vector Format + RGB Color + 300 word write up explaining the elements of the proposed design and how the design fits with the SES mandate.

- SES AGM is coming up:  late September or early October.

Details still being worked out on how members can attend.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Board or for one of the SES committees, email president@saskatoonengineers.com

- U of S General Engineering Fall Courses for Continuing Professional Development

Technology Innovation Management

Intellectual Property Fundamentals

Guest Speaker Series

- The Saskatoon Engineering Society is pleased to announce that  SaskatoonTechnicalEvents.com is ready for public use. SaskatoonTechnicalEvents.com is a website initiative of the Saskatoon Engineering Society. It displays events of interest for technical professionals happening in Saskatoon.  It aims to help event organizers to plan better-attended events and event attendees to find good events. Read more.


Links to Past Events:

Engineering and Geoscience Week: March 01 - 7, 2020

- Sunday, March 01, 2020: Engineers & Engineering Students Mixer with Board Games

  • When: From 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

  • Location: King Me Boardgamery, 527, 20th Street West, Saskatoon

  • For more Information, click here.

- Monday, March 02, 2020: Industry Tour 01: To Saskatoon Landfill Gas Plant

  • When: starting at 11:00 AM

  • Duration: 45 minutes - limited to 20 participants

  • Location: 119 Power Rd, Saskatoon

  • For more Information, click here. To register, use this link.


- Tuesday, March 03, 2020: Industry Tour 02: To Queen Elizabeth Power Station

  • When: starting at 9:00 AM

  • Duration: approx. 2 hors - limited to 30 participants

  • Location: 2211 Spadina Cres W, Saskatoon, S0L 3J0

  • For more Information, click here. To register, use this link.


- Tuesday, March 03, 2020:  Industry Celebrating Excellence (ICE)

When:  Tuesday, March 03, 2020; From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Where:  The Saskatoon Club, 417-21st Street East, Downtown, Saskatoon

Purpose: a meet and greet event for you to meet representatives from a wide variety of industries. Come see what local companies are doing to make the City of Saskatoon a hub of innovation and the place to be. Click here for more details. To register, use this link.


- Thursday, March 05, 2020: Industry Tour 03: To VIDO (Vaccine & Infectious Disease Org.)

  • When: starting at 3.00 pm.

  • Duration: 90 minutes - limited to 15 participants

  • Location: 120 Veterinary Road, Saskatoon

  • For more Information, click here. To register, use this link.

- Friday, March 06, 2020: Industry Tour 04/Lecture: Engineering in Ancient Rome - Museum of Antiquities

  • When: tour starting at 10 AM followed by a lecture on "Engineering in Ancient Rome" at 11 AM.

  • Duration: approx. 2 hrs- limited to 25 participants

  • Location: Artefacts & Replicas in Museum Hall, 107 Administration Pl., Saskatoon, S7N 5A2

  • For more Information, click here. To register, use this link


- Friday, March 06, 2020: Presentation on Ethics and Professionalism by Ryan MacGillivray

  • When: From 12:15 to 1:00 PM.

  • Location: Candle/Span Room, 111 Research Drive (Atrium Building - Innovation Place), Saskatoon

  • For more Information, click here.



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