History and Governance

The following pages contain some of the recent history of the SES.

1a. Bylaws for the Saskatoon Engineering Society as adopted Sep 28, 2017

1b. List of Executive Duties

2. 2017-2018 Executive

  • President: Edwin Edquist P.Eng.  Baydo Developments
  • Vice-President: Jonathan Bushman P.Eng. Valerin
  • Treasurer: Zygmunt Kowal P.Eng.  Worley Parsons
  • SecretaryRoss Welford, P.Eng. University of Saskatchewan
  • Past-President:  Rebecca Richards P.Eng., Hatch
  • APEGS Rep: Holly Annand P.Eng.
  • SESS Rep: Andrew te Linde
  • College of Engineering University of Saskatchewan Rep: Sean Maw P.Eng., PhD
  • Director: Ashok Thakkar, P. Eng.
  • Director: Jeremy Nelson P.Eng. Cameco
  • Director:  Juniper Willard P.Eng.  Canadian Light Source
    DirectorTim Ashworth P.Eng.  Mosaic
  • Director: Mehrnoosh Janbakhsh P.Eng City of Saskatoon
  • Director:  Zahra Jeirani
  • Director Uday Lanke
  • Director: Rajan Kannabiran
  • Director:  Arjun Paul P.Eng. Machibroda
  • Director:  Labeed Elbermani P.Eng. International Road Dynamics
  • Director:  Doug Drever P.Eng. 


3.  Past Executive Teams

4.  Past Reports from the SES

2017  President's Report to Members

2016 President's Report to Members

2015 President's Report to Members

2014 President's Report to Members