Professional Development Funding for Individual Members
Criteria, Eligibility, and Application Process



This funding is awarded to individual members to support their on-going professional development (PD) through attending training courses, webinars, conferences, or professional society Annual General Meetings.  The recipients of the funding (Note: budgeted monies will be distributed in a way that maximizes the number of members that can benefit) will be selected from applications received while budget is available and will be chosen by the SES PD Funding Committee based on the following criteria:

  • The PD Event relates to continuing education in engineering or geoscience including leadership and management skills.
  • The member has no other way to be reimbursed for event costs.
  • Current SES Board members and their immediate relatives are not eligible.


Applicants must:

  • Be a member in good standing with APEGS.
  • Be a member of the Saskatoon Engineering Society  (i.e. be a member of APEGS and have an address in Saskatoon or surrounding area).
  • Agree to present a seminar to SES members or an overview to the SES Executive within 2 months after receiving the funding.
  • Have not received this funding in the last two years.


Application Process:

1.  A written application (e-mail) addressed to the SES Vice-President ( is required outlining the event, the fees associated with the event, and a statement that the member is receiving no other funding for the fees associated with the PD event.

Applications from SES members in good standing must be received before the event occurs.

Individual awards will approve reimbursement of registration fees and/or travel costs up to a limit of $500 at the discretion of the SES.  Reimbursement will occur after it receives proof of attendance and proof of payment.

Please attach the following application form with your submission:  Funding Application Form.

2.  If the application has been accepted, then please submit the following form with receipts attached after the event has occurred:  Funding Reimbursement Form.


Make-up of PD Funding Committee:

The PD Funding Committee will be made up of three individuals from the SES board.  It will be chaired by the Vice-President and will report monthly to the SES Executive.