Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Events organized by Saskatoon Engineering Society will be posted here. Currently, there are no events planned for this fiscal year (20/21). 

Past Strategic Planning Events:

In 2015, the SES completed a project to revisit the direction of the SES.  The 2015-2016 Executive Board plus some volunteers have developed working documents as guidelines for various committees in order to implement the Action Plan that was developed through strategic planning.

The Committees that are now active include:

1. Communications and Promotion:  Terms of Reference

2. Strategic Planning / Operations:  SES Process Network Diagram

3. Financial Sustainability:  Guidelines

4.  Leadership

  a).  Volunteer Recruitment and Retention:  Terms of Reference

       - Volunteer Guideline 2017

  b). Governance:  Terms of Reference

 5.  Member Services and Events:  Tasks & Guidelines

The Finalized Strategic Plan is available for you!